AoniaFest III Application

Hello! Please fill out the survey link below to be considered for AoniaFest III – 5/10/19 at Corporation, Sheffield.


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The application form closes on Saturday, 15/12/18 at 11:00pm GMT.


Please be aware that all bands playing AoniaFest will be sent tickets. There is NO OBLIGATION to sell tickets, but your band will keep £5 from each ticket (£10) sold and £5 from any fan who pays to see you on the door. 


All bands will be notified via email whether selected or not. If your band is not selected, this is not an insult or a slight. We are trying to balance location and genre to ensure the best festival for the fans. We are deeply grateful to you for your interest in AoniaFest. Have a great day!

Please be advised that orders may take a few days to ship. Email us at [email protected] if your purchase is urgent. Also...cookies are a thing, as I'm sure you're aware, being on the Internet and everything. Dismiss