David Byrne – Drums

Influences: Mötörhead, Volbeat, Sabaton, Mary Berry.

When David was in high school, he always wanted to perform in order to be cool and impress the ladies. However, he wanted to find a way to do it while sitting down and not moving about too much. Having been at it for 10 years, he still ‘has yet to achieve cool and sexy’ or to ‘impress anyone.’ (His words!)

His favorite performance was at HRH AOR in 2013. Another favorite was ‘one in Manchester somewhere, but it’s all a bit hazy.’

When he’s not beating up his kit, David takes part in indoor skydiving, pretends to be Monty Don in the garden, complains, and watches Bridget Jones with a bottle of wine.

When asked how he feels about being in Aonia, David remarked that he ‘has yet to be rumbled for not being as good as [he] said [he] was.’