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With silver stitching on a black background, these baseball caps will send a message to the world. Specifically, that message is: “Hey, world. I like this weird 7-piece metal band. Maybe you should check them out and you’ll like them too.”

The nice thing about these hats is their FlexCore technology, which sounds like it should be a Batman villain. (“Hello! I am FlexCore, coming to destroy Gotham City! Haha!”) But it’s a lot more benevolent and helpful. It means that you don’t have that weird plasticky bit at the back of the hat to adjust it to your head size. It just fits.

Even if you’re a drum stand masquerading as a human because all your life you’ve dreamed of sentience. We hear ya, little stand. Godspeed.

Unless your ego is as big as Mel’s, of course. Oh, wait! Even then, it still fits.

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