Handmade New Logo T-Shirt – £10


New Logo T-Shirt available in Black or Purple

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Black T-shirts are now out of stock! Limited numbers of purple T-shirts still available.


Are you on Team Purple or Team Black? These hard-wearing T-shirts featuring our new logo (courtesy of Very Metal Art) were handmade by our good friend “Evil Kris” of FyreSky. (Awww, she’s not really evil after all, is she?)

The purple ones are a limited run made for our “Violet Hours” single release. (See what we did there?) When they’re gone – they’re gone!

We’ve had a bit of a divide over which colour we prefer…

Mel and Tim: Team Purple…

I’m sure we can solve this with reasoned discussion…


For a man nicknamed ‘The Machine,’ he gets pretty angry over colours.

Mel unleashed the beast…

Even the drum equipment got involved.

Team Black kept it pretty civilised though…

Even in defeat.

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