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These stickers are the definition of a joke that went too far.

When you form an operatic metal band, you’re going to have operatic influences, right? And one of those influences is Handel. So Mel was writing lyrics and music while listening to Handel (because what could be more metal than Handel?) and because of this, one of the lyrics in ‘Sirens’ Lament’ became “Rejoice and sing together.”

After a couple of weeks of practising the song, the following conversation ensued:

JO: Does it have to be “Rejoice and sing?”

LAURA: (laughing hysterically) Is that seriously what you sing?

JO: I mean, it’s not very metal, is it?

MEL: Your face isn’t very metal.

JO: Well, your –

MEL: Okay, point taken though. Change it to “Until we sing.” That has the same number of syllables.

LAURA: Every time you sing that, all I’m going to hear now is “Rejoice and sing.”

Cue Laura and Jo cracking up every time we got to that particular part of the song. Eventually, Mel had enough.

MEL: You know what? Screw* you both! Rejoice and sing, bitches! **By which I mean, of course, female dogs so that we can get around profanity filters!

Aaaaaaaaaand so now it’s been made into stickers, because why wouldn’t it be?

Also, at some gigs, Jo sings “Rejoice and sing together; sing, bitch!” instead of “Until we sing together; sing, sing!” She got away with it in Lille until we watched the footage back.

And now you can share in that moment by owning your VERY OWN “Rejoice and sing, bitch!” stickers. If anyone gives you grief over profanity, just tell them it’s a song about dogs and we were telling a girl dog to sing along with us. I’m sure that’ll be totally fine.


They make good additions to laptops for that extra-professional edge in the workplace. All your colleagues will know how much you care about animals. Go get that promotion, tiger.***

Oh, and you’re totally going to have to pay for shipping anyway, so you may as well buy something else while you’re here, or come see us live and get one from the show. Unless you want to pay more than £3 for a sticker. In which case, good for you. Thank you; please come again.


*Mel may not have said “screw” but a rather different word.

**This part of the exchange may not have actually happened.

***Disclaimer: Don’t. This is really bad advice. But if you’re taking career advice from a metal band, well…good luck, sunshine.

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