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Okay, here we have another ‘Old Vs New’ Scenario!

Both versions have the same tracks on. Exactly. The same WAV files were sent to the printers. Both CDs have 5 tracks of All The Noise ™ with “Wagnerian Warbling A-Plenty” (Metalhammer). You can have a listen to the songs on our YouTube Channel.

However – we have a version with the new logo (top) and one with the old logo (bottom).

I’m trying to think of something clever here but am coming up short. Man, I shouldn’t have done this drunk.

Okay, so…

The new-logo version has a cardboard case and also has the super-cute vinyl-style CDs so we can all pretend we’re back in the 80s with racism, sexism, hairspray, and a Cold War, but hey, the music was good. Plus it has the new Very Metal Art logo.

The old-logo version has a proper jewel case and a booklet and stuff, but the photo inside also has the old line-up. That’s fine, but might be a bit weird if you want it signing.

We’re getting rid of the last of everything with the old logo on, so…everything’s the same price I guess. Let’s go with £4. £4 sounds good.

New Cover
New CD
Original Cover


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