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EDIT: Old-style CDs are now out of stock.


Okay, here we have another ‘Old Vs New’ Scenario!

Both versions have the same tracks on. Exactly. The same WAV files were sent to the printers. Both CDs have 5 tracks of All The Noise ™ with “Wagnerian Warbling A-Plenty” (Metalhammer). You can have a listen to the songs on our YouTube Channel.

However – we have a version with the new logo (top) and one with the old logo (bottom).

I’m trying to think of something clever here but am coming up short. Man, I shouldn’t have done this drunk.

Okay, so…

The new-logo version has a cardboard case and also has the super-cute vinyl-style CDs so we can all pretend we’re back in the 80s with racism, sexism, hairspray, and a Cold War, but hey, the music was good. Plus it has the new Very Metal Art logo.

The old-logo version has a proper jewel case and a booklet and stuff, but the photo inside also has the old line-up. That’s fine, but might be a bit weird if you want it signing.

We’re getting rid of the last of everything with the old logo on, so…everything’s the same price I guess. Let’s go with £4. £4 sounds good.

New Cover
New CD
Original Cover


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