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Or, you know, wear it the other way around. You do you. We’ll not judge.

Price drop – these are now just £4 because our Mistress of Merch is sick of the sight of them.

These are super-cheap because they feature the old logo. That’s also why sizing is super-limited.

It’s not that we don’t love our old logo; it’s just like… you know that friend you had in primary school and you were friends because you happened to live down the street from each other? Then you grew up and your friend didn’t, and he just keeps commenting on your Facebook photos and asking you to send him lives in mobile phone games? That’s kind of how we are with our old logo. You had your time and your place, buddy, but we’ve outgrown you. Sorry.

Anyway, if you want a bit of Aonia history, snap up one of these bad boys. Limited stock – when they’re gone…they’re gone. We all put ours on and had a play around for nostalgia’s sake. We might have decided to pretend to be department store models. (It was hot. Temperature-wise, not the other kind.)

In the mirror here, you can see that Tim still hasn’t abandoned Team Purple. Mel is a traitor with the Rebel Alliance.

Notice how Mel’s T-shirt is a little greyer than everyone else’s? That’s because she’s being wearing hers since 2014. Pretty good for 4 years of constant use and wash.

A serious one now, guys…guys…Mel! Stop what you’re doing with your face! David, you look bored…ah, never mind, it’s hot. I’m just gonna take the photo.

A-five, six, seven, eight – JAZZ HANDS! Ohhh, Slick and David aren’t playing. Boo

And the back. Could this be a superhero movie poster? Probably…not.

See, look – Han Solo’s got his. That’ll be a nice surprise for him when he unfreezes from the carbonite.



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