‘The Seven’ Patch


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We love the artwork by the incredibly talented Andy Pilkington of Very Metal Art. Basically, we just want to wear it on our person as much as humanly possible. T-shirt…the album cover stapled to our foreheads…maybe underwear at some point…and now a patch!


With beautiful, full-colour screen-printing and embroidered edges, this patch will look great on any battle jacket. Or cover the hole in your jeans that got ripped in the mosh pit.


Or stick it on a dress shirt. Y’know, wear it to a wedding and meet another metalhead who says, ‘Wow, I wish I was as cool as you to wear a patch like that. Where can I get one?’


‘Aoniaband.co.uk’ you’ll confidently reply as you sink another pint of free wine and hope that the DJ later has some metal tracks produced in the last decade.


Alternatively, wear it out in public and time how long it takes to be approached by a flat-earther. ‘Hey dude, we found the edge of the world! What a lovely tinfoil hat you’re wearing.’


Or…maybe just on your battle jacket. It’ll look pretty cool there.

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