The night will come but there will always be the sun. We tread with eyes wide open into the unknown, and time has given us a pause button: a time to reflect but also a time of true hardships, struggles, and what feels like an endless void of uncertainty. Can this end? It can IF YOU DARE.

Together, we dare to endure the night and to see the sun once more. THE SHOW MUST GO ON is a direct reflection of our intent to step through to the other side, to be with our friends and loved ones once more, to celebrate music together, face to face, no longer separated by a screen but unified without fear and in the fearless spirit first echoed in the QUEEN classic.

IF YOU DARE is a letter written to “the man who is on his knees” and in reflection of a difficult period in the lyricist Joanne Robinson’s life. “The breakdown of this relationship had a huge impact on me at the time and in an attempt to help them acknowledge that they needed to take positive action it soon became apparent that it was also up to me to take positive action for myself, both stepping into the fire but for different reasons and in opposite directions.”

THE SHOW MUST GO ON was the perfect partner to this story and we, as a band are unified in this message of hope and defiance that resonated from the voice of the late, great FREDDIE MERCURY. These two songs, in our minds, are made for each other and together deliver a clear message of what AONIA stands for and aspires toward, IF YOU DARE being first released on our last album THE SEVEN.

2021 brings hope and also the news that AONIA are well underway with their SECOND ALBUM. “We’ve always been ambitious, that’s a given but what we’ve written so far for this album is HUGE in every sense of the word.” We’ll be ready, will you?

IF YOU DARE/THE SHOW MUST GO ON, the Double A-Side by AONIA, is set for release on the 28th May 2021 and is a banner call to all to step through the fire in the only way this band knows… TOGETHER!

For details about our new Double A-Side Single, click here!

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