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Let’s be honest, shipping is going to cost you, so you may as well order something else while you’re here.

Why charge for stickers? Well, these stickers are die-cut, which sounds violent…and it is. The poor vinyl gets sent hurtling through a press, shouting “Please don’t cut me! I don’t want to die!” Ruthlessly, the gears turn. “No! I have a family!” the little vinyl cells cry. But mercilessly the machine turns and creates the perfect sticker, snuffing out another little vinyl life in its prime.

Is it worth the bloodshed and heartache? We think so.

And they have so many uses! You can label up your gear and pretend to be us. Seriously, we don’t mind. Start a tribute band. It’s cool. Just send us the royalties.

And you can use them to silence someone who won’t shut up.

Mel says, “Why’s it always Mphhh?”

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